Assist the body's natural digestive processes to ensure that the food you eat is digested quickly and properly, helping with indigestion and the release of large amounts of hydrochloric acid. 

Join over 1.2 million customers worldwide! 

Packed with 6 all-natural ingredients with feel good health benefits! 

Digestive Enzymes

The natural way to reach your digestion goals! 

Lifetones Digestive Enzymes are made from 6 all-natural ingredients to assist the body's natural digestive processes.

Plus, it's vegan and sugar-free!


"My IBS is so much better!" 


Digestive Enzymes- Lifetones

"I suffer from IBS and acid reflux and this product has done wonders for me. I used to feel nauseous every time I ate, but not anymore. I take this twice a day, once in the morning, and again in the evening before dinner!" 

Easy To Use! Here's How It Works: 

Step 1 

Take 2 capsules with a full glass of water 5 minutes prior to eating. 

Step 2

Repeat this for every meal, reducing the dose to 1 capsule for smaller meals. 

Step 3

Make it a daily routine. Convenient to take on the go! 

Join over 1.2 million customers worldwide! 

Men & Women Love Digestive Enzymes! 


"I am very satisfied with Lifetones. I am digesting my food so much better after taking these." 


"I am no longer tired and bloated after eating. I just take two of the capsules before my meal and I feel amazing." 


"These capsules have helped me with my acid reflux and indigestion!"

Naturally Great For Your Stomach.

Lifetones Digestive Enzymes are packed with 6 all-natural ingredients that will help your digestive system to function at its best.

"I feel amazing!" 


Digestive Enzymes- Lifetones

"I have been taking these enzymes 3 times a day and haven't had any problems! My digestion has been so much better. I take them before each meal and have felt amazing!"

All-Natural Ingredients

2 capsules of Digestive Enzymes are packed with 6 all-natural ingredients. 

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Barley has been shown to improve the quality and frequency of bowel movements. 

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Fenugreek is able to reduce inflammation in the stomach, control heartburn, and help with acid reflux. 

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Spirulina is a fantastic source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. 

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Bromelain contains anti-inflammatory properties that make it extremely effective as a daily digestion aid. 

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Papain is commonly used to reduce swelling and soothe diarrhea. 

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Peppermint oil has been proven to help a variety of conditions including IBS, nausea, and headaches. 

Amazing Benefits

The enzymes in 2 capsules help the body's natural digestive processes. 

Gas Relief

When the stomach is unable to produce enough enzymes, digestion can take much longer, resulting in an increase in gas. This enzyme supplement helps improve digestion to reduce gas.

Assist Digestion

Taking 2 capsules can help jump-start the body's processes of healthy digestion and proper stomach enzyme production. 

Bloating Relief

The proprietary blend within each capsule of Lifetones relies on herbs chosen to assist the body in digestion, and help eliminate bloating. 

Indigestion Relief

These enzymes may assist your body to ensure that the food you eat is digested  properly, helping indigestion and the release of hydrochloric acid. 

All- Natural & Effective

Lifetones Digestive Enzymes are exclusively made with 6 all-natural herbs to assist your body's natural digestive processes. 

"I've lost 8 pounds!"


Digestive Enzymes- Lifetones

"These enzymes were exactly what I was hoping for. My bloating and gas is diminished after eating. I don't feel like I need to nap after every small meal anymore, and I have lost 8 pounds!" 

What makes Lifetones Digestive Enzymes Special?

No powders.
No ethanol.
Two easy capsules taken 5 minutes before a meal.

Join over 1.2 million customers worldwide!


5 Star Reviews




"Life-changing! I take these twice a day, once in the morning, and then again in the evening." 

Megan B. 


"I am lactose intolerant and these capsules help so much! Definitely recommend these enzymes!" 

Hannah L. 


"These really work for digestion and stops my bloating after eating. They are also easy to swallow."

Kaitlyn P.


"I have been a very satisfied customer for years! Lifetones is a brand I trust completely for my continued health. My digestion has greatly improved."

Pam G. 

Top Customer Reviews



“This is probably TOO MUCH INFORMATION, but I use a lot less toilet paper now than I used to...It was recommended that I start taking a digestion supplement, so I decided to try these digestive enzymes. I have been taking them 3 times a day for about a month now and I've had no stomach problems since I started.”



"Last month, a guy that works for me bought Lifetones on the internet for me to try for my digestion problems. I noticed it working almost immediately. It's way better than the probiotic I was taking before."



"I had my gallbladder removed and needed something that would help me with my digestion. The first week was what I expected of intestinal discomfort, but I have been taking these for a month now and I won't eat another meal without taking them."

Join over 1.2 million customers worldwide!

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